Family Owned

Founded by Mother and Son, Julie and Henry Mosier, our focus centers on creating not just fuel for the body, but fostering community, both within our team, and in the ways that we connect with you, the customer.

Real Food

Beauty in its simplicity, all the meals we produce start from scratch, are made in small batches, and quality controlled approved by unicorns wearing pink polkadot tutus.

Diet Friendly

In line with our belief in inclusivity, we offer a completely vegan and gluten-free lineup of meals to ensure everyone has access to enjoy being outside without the added complications of "what do I bring for food?"

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A Delicious Lifesaver

First of all, this meal is delicious. I have eaten a lot of backpacking food over the years, and Food for the Sole is easily one of the tastiest. It tastes more like a regular, home cooked meal than normal backcountry fare. My job requires me to travel regularly, both in hotels and tents. I also have celiac, which means I cannot ingest any gluten. That makes it very difficult to feed myself anywhere I go without it risking exposure. Food for the Sole has been a lifesaver. This meal is high calorie - and tastes awesome. It’s one of my favorite dinners while on the go. I can’t recommend enough.

Best Hiking Fuel

Took a chance and ordered these bad boys for the Teton crest thru hike. Needless to say, my friends were JEALOUS! I was eating healthy and well! I usually can do MREs like mountain house or backpackers pantry, but I had zero problems (digestively speaking) with these meals. Super tasty. Super lightweight. Thanks Food For the Sole!


I recently took a 5 day trip in Idaho's Whiteclouds. I wanted to move fast so I needed to go as light as possible. I didn't carry a stove, planning on just eating jerky, nuts and dried fruit. At the last minute I added 3 Food For The Sole cold soak meals (Triple Peanut Slaw & Zesty Miso Broccoli Slaw). Wow! They were among the best meals I've had on the trail regardless of preparation style. I highly recommend them. I'd like a few more calories perhaps, but I immediately ordered more meals when I returned from my trip.

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