Apply to be an Ambassador!

Application for 2018

We are looking for people that are:

  • Unique in their activity/sport
  • Active on social media
  • Love and appreciate healthy great tasting food
  • Articulate
  • Outgoing
  • Have proven photographic ability

If you are selected to be a Food for the Sole Ambassador we might ask you to:

  • Communicate local events, social media material, ideas you have, and opportunities with Food for the Sole on a regular basis.
  • Listen to suggestions and feedback from those you encounter using Food for the Sole products.
  • Find events in your area that Food for the Sole could be a part of.
  • Write an article or two each year which will be featured on Food for the Sole Blog and Social Media outlets. (Those who write more than 4 will receive extra swag for themselves and to give away.)
  • Be relatively active on social media (Facebook and Instagram). Promote Food for the Sole and offer a unique discount code to your followers at specified times.

What Food for the Sole Ambassadors Get in Return:

  • Get featured regularly on our website and social media platforms.
  • Gain experience with a brand who greatly values your input and suggestions.
  • Be part of a fledgling business and help influence its direction
  • Get free and/or discounted Food for the Sole meals.

Food For The Sole (FFTS) Brand Ambassador Application 2018
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