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Food for the Sole Ambassadors



Renee “She-ra” Patrick – Long distance backpacker

Renee completed her first thru hike-  the Appalachian Trail- in 2002. She was transformed by the experience and has been thru-hiking every since.

She’s completed every major trail you can name, and several that you’ve probably never heard of.

Those experiences, plus a love of the natural resources and community that we are so fortunate to have stewardship over, led her to what must be a dream job for her; working at Oregon Desert Natural Resources (ONDA) as a Trail Coordinator for the newly completed Oregon Desert Trail.  Imagine having a job where you get to hike and talk about hiking!

Renee heard about us through a mutual friend and ordered a Taster Pack to give us a try. We had her at her first bite of Peanut Super Slaw :)  She reached out to us to talk about she how she could partner with us. I remember sitting down with her and Henry over a beer and talking for two hours about a partnership.  When she left Henry and I looked at each other with identical expressions of glee!  We knew we had found an amazing resource in Renee - her connections with the hiker community notwithstanding, Renee is a wealth of knowledge in many areas and is happy to share that knowledge with us. For a fledgling company we scored big by bringing Renee on.

We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Renee.  If you don’t already know of her, go check out her blog at

She also still posts for @wearehikertrash



David Wells – Professional kayaker

David hails from Maine and enjoys exploration. He has been in the outdoor guiding industry for over a decade, an outdoor educator and explorer. Currently David’s main passion is expedition kayaking. Last year he was a member of the Summer Rains Tour, which successfully paddled 18 rivers with a first descent from the border of Lesetho and South Africa on the Mkomazana River.

He also enjoys canyoneering, backpacking, jungle camping and plain outdoor fun! When bushwhacking into rivers for self-support trips, ounces equal pounds and David says that Food for the Sole lifts his spirits as well as gives him healthy energy to enjoy the experience.

David is using the professional spring race series to train for an expedition to the Grand Canyon of the Stikine in Northern BC this August. He is beyond stoked to become our second brand ambassador and we are equally excited to have Dave onboard and can't wait to follow his trips this summer!

Learn more about Dave at:

Summer Rains Tour

and @daverdanger


Arthur McMahon - Hiker/Writer

Arthur loves to walk. It's as simple as that. Whether it be in the mountains, on the beach, or along the city streets -- he believes walking is the best way to experience the world. Hiking and camping had always been a regular part of his life, but Arthur's 2015 thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail sparked a passion for the outdoors that continues to this day. He hasn’t stopped crushing miles since.


At home in Eugene, Oregon, Arthur enjoys spending his time exploring the wonders of the Pacific Northwest. He's traversed countless trails along the Pacific Coast Mountain Range and the Cascades, and he's always seeking new adventure. Backpacking, fishing, and canoeing are a few of his favorite outdoor hobbies.


Arthur is an outdoor journalist who has written for established outdoor institutions like The Pacific Crest Trail Association,, The Pacific Crest Trailside Reader, and more. He has published his own trail journal (Adventure and the Pacific Crest Trail ( and regularly writes about the history of adventure on his Better Hiker ( blog.


You can find Arthur on Instagram @arthur_mcmahon and @betterhiker.