Leave No Trace: How to and why it matters

We love our favorite outdoor spaces. We love these places so much that some want to share them and others want to keep them secret. Above all else, we do not want to love our favorite places to death. These wild spaces are affected by every visitor, every footstep, and every crumb we leave behind. Each visitor may seem like a drop in the bucket, but how heavy does that bucket become once it is full?

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Grant Wheeler
Behind The Meal: Garlic Green Bean Cashew Stir Fry

…The exploration goes back decades; I started receiving cookbooks as gifts when I was old enough to read them and took my first cooking class when I was just 17, a Chinese cooking class at a community college. I don’t remember why I chose it, but to this day I remember the techniques learned in the class, and the experience of creating food that was not at all familiar to me. I still thrill at…

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Julie Mosier
8 great dehydrated vegetarian ingredients!

Here at Food for the Sole we LOVE being creative and unique with our ingredients. All of our meals are vegetarian (and vegan), and people frequently ask us “what are your favorite ingredients and why do you use the ingredients you use?” Here are 8 of our favorite ingredients!

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Lloyd Vogel
What Are My Public Lands?

Planning your next outdoor adventure can be overwhelming. There are so many different parks and monuments worth visiting, each with its own permits and rules to follow. What’s the difference between them? Where should you go?

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Arthur McMahon