Guest Post: Renee Patrick

In normal times, we would look to Renee for long distance hiking advice, fun tales from the trail, or bits of vicarious living through the unbelievable amount of time she gets to spend outside hiking. (As program coordinator for the Oregon Desert Trail we suppose it only makes sense..)

But, these aren’t exactly normal times are they? As many of us remain stuck in social isolation, without any normal structure or access to our normal activities, we need to find ways to bring joy to our lives.

Read on as Renee joins us with her thoughts on finding stillness inside, while we remain… still, inside.

Bits of Calm

This time will pass, or maybe it won’t. 

What always passes, even if we are not there to see it, is the wind passing through the aspen trees. The sun arcing into a new day. The waves rippling around a lily pad in the pond.  

Where do you find your calm? When getting outside far enough to watch butts blend into dragons and whales is replaced by washing the dishes...yet do you soothe the ache of every day showing up just like the next?

There are bits of calm to be found. I’m gathering them.

This song. Lay on the floor, close your eyes, and sink into the carpet while this plays.

This poem. Sip a mug of hot tea and let these words steep.

Bread baking. The smell alone is almost as good as the melting butter on the first slice.

Bare feet in the dirt. My yard and I are becoming more intimate with each day, just ask my feet.

Wearing silly hats. Even if no one is there to see how ridiculous you look, you know.

Sounds of night. Bring the night inside (put it on loop all night long).

I’m collecting bits of calm, will you share yours with us?


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