Answers to Questions


Question: How do I prepare the meals?

Answer: Most of our meals are hot-rehydratable, and you can add boiling water directly to the bag to rehydrate!  For best results you want to use an insulated cozy or a down jacket or similar to wrap around the food.  We also have a couple of cold-rehydratable salads. These only need room-temperature water to hydrate!

Question: Can I rehydrate my food in the bag?

Answer: Absolutely! Our bags are designed to hold your meal when you rehydrate it. You can then eat directly out of the bag or empty the rehydrated meal into a container to eat from.

Question: What is a cozy (or koozie)?

Answer: Cozies are an insulated soft container that keeps your hot meals warmer while the meal is rehydrating. This shortens the hydration time a bit and ensures that your meal s is hot when you eat it!  If you don’t have a cozy you can use a puffy coat or anything else you have that is insulating.

Question: How many calories are in the meals?

Answer: All packages are intended to be a single serving and are approximately 550 calories.

Question: Are the meals Gluten-Free?

Answer: Most of our products are gluten free!  The Green bean and Cashew Stir Fry does have wheat-based noodles however.

Question: Are the meals Vegan?

Answer: Yes! All of our products are vegan.