Food For The Sole

5 Serving Bulk Bags

$62.78 $69.75

Introducing our brand new 5 Serving Bulk Bags!

These bags are Omni-Degradable, which means they will decompose faster when in the presence of microbes. It's a big step in the right direction for us, and we have plans to transition all of our bags to omni-degradable packaging over the next year ❤️♻️


These 5 serving bags open up a lot of opportunity in the ways you can use our food!

  • Keep the bulk bag at home and bring individual servings in your own reusable containers
  • For folk who like bigger OR smaller portions, now you can control your own portion sizes!
  • Bring the whole bag on your trip to reduce overall packaging
  • Prepare a meal for 5 people at once - yes you can put hot water in the bag!


Nutritional information and instructions are on the label for each bag :)

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