Food For The Sole

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Kale and Quinoa


The sweet potatoes are oven-roasted with onions and just a bit of olive oil and salt, caramelizing in the oven and giving them a complex flavor that pops in the mouth. Tossed with kale, a squeeze of lemon and some nutty quinoa, this is a hearty meal that tastes just as good standing at the kitchen counter as it does on the trail.

  • Vegan

  • Gluten-free

  • Single Serving

  • 18 month shelf life

  • 121 Calories/Oz.

  • Pour boiling water into the bag to just below the top of the food.

  • Real food = happy belly = healthy poops.

  • Full Sized: Net Weight: 4.2 oz. 510 cal, 19 g protein, 17 g fat, 76 g carb.

  • Lunch Sized: Net Weight: 4.2 oz. 250 cal, 9 g protein, 8 g fat, 37 g carb.

  • 6 Pack: (6) of the full sized variation.


Ingredients: Sweet Potato, Kale, Onion, Quinoa, Pumpkin Seeds, Canola Oil, Salt, Garlic, Lemon Juice, Black Pepper.

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