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Superior Hiking Trail Bundle

$893.14 $940.15

*Note - due to supply chain shortages we may need swap a meal in the bundle for a similar meal. Eg: Oatmeal for Oatmeal, Cold soak for Cold soak, etc.


Get yer groove thang on, hoppin’ down the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT) with the knowledge rest assured, that you’ve got your meals taken care of with this rockin’ box of delectable food.

For the record we don’t recommend hopping 310 miles with a loaded backpack. It sounds incredibly inefficient and like it might result in some stress injuries. Unless you’re a kangaroo. So get your bestie to send you a couple resupply boxes along the way and enjoy these light weight meals as you hop.

Superior Hiking Trail Bundle:


NIGHTS 27 (ish)

Total Calories in box:



Total Net Weight:

353 oz

Total Cal/OZ:


We are loading this box with a full complement of breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and we’ve even thrown in a few desserts (though they make a pretty decent breakfast too). All you need to do is throw some snacks into your pack and boom! All meal planning is done.


Energy Oats: Blueberry Banana Crunch x9

Energy Oats: Coconut Mango Macadamia x9

Energy Oats: Pumpkin Apple Pecan x9


Triple Peanut Slaw x9

Zesty Miso Broccoli Slaw x9

Curried Cauliflower Salad x9


Coconut Rice with Cuban Black Beans x7

Lentil Walnut Pilaf with Kale x6

Roasted Sweet Potato with Kale and Quinoa x7

Ratatouille with Nutty Quinoa Pilaf x7


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