Fans of Food for the Sole


“Just wanted to say how incredible your food was on the trail! I only took cold soak for my lunches but it was something I looked forward to every day. Another Tribe member also had bariatric surgery and it was perfect for us and our small stomachs. We could enjoy it at breaks and lunch. The Triple peanut slaw was amazing and I loved adding a little extra water to make a broth to slurp at the end!! Thanks again for offering such a high quality product!!”

Jill V.

“Gluten free and vegan backpacking food is hard to come by and this awesome brand is made my a mother son duo right here in Oregon! I finally got to try out the Sweet Potato Kale & Quinoa dinner and it was frikin amazing. Best food I’ve had in a while, best backpacking food I’ve had ever. I’m figuring out food for my upcoming through hike of the #TeAraroa in 2019 and am stoked to have found these to bring along." 

Alex M.


"Lived on these meals for two weeks backpacking and it was the one thing I was most looking forward too. Even tastier in the wilderness."

Stan K.

“My new on the go meal... ‘The Nut Slaw!’ (Swipe Right) Triple Peanut Slaw from @foodforsole Cold soak with only a couple ounces of water in 15 minutes. 21g Protein 570 calories. Vegan/GF. I eat it at home or on adventures. It’s a quick delicious meal packed full of good ingredients...”

Lance N.

“So nice after a long day taking pictures to have a quick, quality meal”

Bob M.  


"Hands down the best food I’ve EVER eaten on the trail!"

Ashley V.  

"Just got home from a long couple days of work and desperately need to go grocery shopping but just didn’t have the energy tonight. SO I cooked up a couple of your meals-the Kale & roasted sweet potato & quinoa and the Garlic Green Bean with cashews stir fry. HOLY SHIT. SO SO GOOD."

Amy C. 

"These are the most flavorful meals I've ever had camping, and I will never go back to freeze-dried food. Food For The Sole salads are the solution to my quest for healthy lunches on the trail!"

Sharon K.  


"Wow!!!  I would pay good money to eat this (green bean cashew) in a restaurant!!  Brought a big smile to my face devouring warm tasty food on the river after kayaking. Tastes like real food, because it is!!  Highly recommend to anyone eating meals outdoors. I would eat this at home too!!"

Megi M. 


"Regarding the Lentil and Kale dish... Absolutely wonderful, easy to prep and perfect for the fall season!!"

Gage R.


"The lentil pilaf with kale and walnuts was not only tasty, but the texture was appealing, and I knew I was giving my body the fuel it needed!”

Rachael B.